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9th February 2008

cinzia8111:46pm: No George .... no party!
[01-20] Prison Break [Michael&Sara, Wenthwort Miller, Dominic Purcell, Alex Mahone]
[21-23] Gilmore Girls
[24-31] David Sutcliffe
[32-38] Hayden Panettiere
[39-51] George Clooney


[No George .... no party!]

25th September 2007

under_pressurex6:17pm: Clooney Icon Love<3

In honor of George's hotness, I've made some various icons of him, just 'cause. Hope you like them!



23rd September 2007

m_ouse12:53am: George on CHI Italy 09-2007
 Gosh... George scared me today... fortunally nothing serious... to celebrate this... wonderful photos taken in  Venice...

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21st August 2007

ms_voicewithin8:06pm: Someday, Somehow
i just made a Clooney walpaper.
You can find it at my livejournal.

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21st June 2007

bigfanofstuff12:09pm: George Clooney could save the world just by smileing!!
George Clooney is SOOO HOT!  I mean, really hot and funny, and he seems so cool and nice in his interviews!  ANd he can direct AND act AND produce!!

And now he does charity stuff to!!  What can't he do?!!


I thought that this post was reeeallly funny, but I DON't think that he needs help from the U2 guy on how to be an activist.  I think george can do it all by himself.

4th June 2007

netnessie1:21pm: George Clooney - Nespresso rarities
George Clooney - Nespresso rarities

the rest in my journal

27th February 2007

movie_licious9:03pm: Oscar HQs
Is there anyone who thinks that George was NOT the hottest man at the ceremony? I doubt it.

23rd February 2007

movie_licious10:10pm: George and Julia interview
JustJared has posted this awesome Oprah special, in which Julia interviews George and vice versa. It's a must for every JR & GC fan!

5th December 2006

movie_licious11:57am: RIP Max
Today, quite a sad news... As BBC reports, Max- George's beloved pig died on Friday :(

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26th November 2006

movie_licious3:16pm: FANLISTING
I have jsut opened a physical fanlisting for George! :D
I hope you'll all join!

Thanks Libby for the help with the name! ;D

15th November 2006

movie_licious6:08pm: George- the sexiest man alive!
Geogre was chosen by People magazine 'the sexiest man of 2006' :D
That's not a surprise, is it?

31st October 2006

mandypants122919:21pm: Vanity Fair Article

so right after i type the article up, I forget to save it and my computer crashes. Then I go to the vanity fair website and its RIGHT THERE.

here's the article. enjoy.
VF Cover

4th September 2006

movie_licious3:34pm: Sorry
I'm a bad bad fan! I promise though that I'll work onan update soon! :)
Besides that, remember that you also can post pics/news here :D

25th July 2006

movie_licious8:23pm: George and Natascha
My favourite on-screen couple :)

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cross-posted to nat_mcelhone

21st July 2006

movie_licious6:56pm: 14 HQ- Milan fashion show
Prince charming, isn't he? :D

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19th June 2006

movie_licious12:18am: Solaris still
I have never seen this still before. I think it's gorgeous... Let's hope that George and Natascha will work together again :)
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I'm STILL looking for a co-maintainer... Anyone? :(

10th June 2006

movie_licious10:06pm: Looking for a co-maintainer
In 2 weeks I'm leaving to London for 3 months and I'm not sure if I manage to update this community during that time.
And so, I'm looking for a help to run this site. All I require is a love for GC and willingness to post news and pics connected to George.
If you're interested, please leave a comment or e-mail me: i.zosia [AT] gmail.com . Before I choose someone, I'd like to get to know the person :)

3rd June 2006

movie_licious10:18pm: Clooney picked as No. 1 dream date
LOS ANGELES, CA, United States (UPI) -- Oscar-winning actor George Clooney is the No. 1 dream date of U.S. women, a poll conducted by the Lifetime cable network found.

Clooney -- who catapulted into women`s hearts as 'ER`s' Dr. Doug Ross -- captured 39 percent of the votes to finish far ahead of a pack that included TV docs like 'Grey`s Anatomy' star Patrick Dempsey, 'ER`s' Noah Wylie, 'Nip/Tuck`s' Julian McMahon and Matthew Fox of 'Lost,' Zap2it.com reported Friday.

As for the younger guys, soon-to-be single and former 'Newlywed' Nick Lachey garnered 14 percent of the votes; Colin Farrell grabbed 10 percent; Orlando Bloom had 9 percent and New York Yankees all-star shortstop Derek Jeter followed with 8 percent.


No suprise here, hehe :) I have to say though that not only US women dream of him. On behalf of all Polish ladies, I'd like to say that yes, we love him too :D
movie_licious10:39am: B&W photoshoot
11 amazing pics. I hope you'll like them! :)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
credit: celebritycity

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31st May 2006

movie_licious7:03pm: Michael Clayton set pics
I'm suprised I haven't posted them before... ;)
credit lime-light.org

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com
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